This topic explains how to set up Mobius View, in a standalone or clustered configuration, to communicate with content repositories including Mobius, CMIS compliant repositories, and SharePoint/Office 365.

To set up Mobius View

1. Prepare an implementation plan according to this topic. Also:
It is useful to review the monitoring and logging information in Monitoring Mobius View.
If you plan to implement records management functionality, review Administering Records Management.
2. Install, deploy, and configure Mobius View. See Mobius View Setup Steps
3. For deploying see Deploying Mobius View.
4. Perform the Mobius View configuration as explained in Configuring Mobius View . Also refer to Customizing Mobius View for explanations of other available configuration.
5. Create content repositories and set up indexes as explained in Creating and Managing Content Repositories.