Using this programmer’s online documentation you can provide content management capabilities to your organization, outside the default Mobius View user interface:

Direct Connect, which enables users to access content directly, without using the Mobius View browser interface to browse or search. It allows administrators to construct URLs for users that provide direct access to documents stored in a Mobius repository.

This feature is also available in Mobius View’s predecessor applications, Luminist and DocumentDirect for the Internet. Mobius View supports Direct Connect parameters and URLs implemented with Luminist and DocumentDirect for the Internet, with only minimal changes required.

You can instruct Direct Connect to navigate report and topic hierarchies, open documents, download documents, and perform searches.

Accessing Mobius Content with Direct Connect contains instructions for using Mobius View to do the following:

Open and display documents.
Download documents.
Search for documents.
Using the Mobius REST API provides the following:
A summary of each API.
Instructions for accessing detailed information about each API from a Open API 3.0 Swagger specification file in Mobius View.
Using the Mobius Administrative REST API contains:
A summary of the REST API services.
Detailed security features.
Creating Custom Repository Adapters provides the following information:
Custom adapters and creating custom adapters from sample adapters.
Implementing the adapter and Repository adapter services.
Handling security in Mobius View.