Get information on installing, administering, customizing, and deploying Mobius.

Information includes release notes, developer tasks, and administrator tasks.


What's New

Takes you through the most important changes between major Mobius versions.

What is Mobius?

Mobius is a content repository which enables archiving, viewing, advanced searching, indexing, and distribution of all documents within a distributed environment.

Getting Started

Provides basic information about how Mobius works and how to get started with it.

Installing Mobius

Instructs how to install Mobius server, user applications and configure optional components.

Administering Mobius

Details how to use and administer Mobius and to implement archiving of SAP data and documents in Mobius.

Deploying Mobius

Details how to deploy and administer Mobius in AWS and Azure cloud environments.

Customizing Mobius

Details how to customize Mobius for your environment.

Messages and Codes

Provides description of Mobius error messages generated by various Mobius programs along with the message code.