Setting Up the Mobius Stack

This topic describes the information that you need to set up and run a Mobius stack on AWS.

Deploying Mobius products on an AWS cloud computing platform requires an AWS Identity and Management (IAM) account. Once deployed, the Mobius servers and the RDS Aurora PostgreSQL or Oracle database used by the servers are installed, configured. and ready to use.

Perform the tasks given in the below sequence to set up and run a Mobius stack on AWS.

Create an AWS Account
Create an EC2 Key Pair
Retrieve the Mobius Software Stack
Upload Docker Images
Create an S3 Bucket for Configuration
Set up the Amazon EFS File System
Encrypt the Base AMI
Deploy Mobius Products on AWS EC2 Using the CFT
Set Up and Install a Mobius Instance for Remote Administration
Set up Mobius to Archive on S3