Mobius, combined with DocumentDirect Application Suite, DocumentDirect for the Internet, DocumentDirect, or e-Search & View enables archiving, viewing, advanced searching, and distribution of all documents within a heterogeneous distributed environment. It provides enterprise-wide document archiving and retrieval that allows you to deliver unprecedented service with advanced features:

Enterprise archiving of any type of document plus automated replication and archive creation
Easy-to-use indexed access
Full function online viewing, printing, and e-distribution of any type of document

Designed for open distributed environments, Mobius scales from the desktop to the largest server; supporting Windows, Linux, OS/2, OS/400, and Netware.

Mobius supports a broad range of document and image-centric applications, including:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration
SAP® R/3 data and image archiving
SAP R/3 report output management
Legacy systems
e-Presentment and Customer Care
Electronic Statement Presentment (ESP)
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)
Customer service and self-service
Electronic Document Portal
Enterprise report management
Integrated imaging
Check imaging
Information analysis
Corporate portal