becubic Documentation

Installation and Infrastructure


Identify the details on the environment readiness and the prerequisites before you install becubic. You can also follow the installation steps to successfully install the application, thereby the infrastructure is ready for you to work.


becubic Repository

Details on how to retrieve information from the becubic repository and run queries, use work area, view dashboard, quick search, and so on.


Security Management

Understand the security management options and how to set the object-level permissions associated with the user roles.

Information Design and Data Lineage

Information Design

Explore the options to design data displays to retrieve significant information from the repository and display it in an easy-to-understand view for user profiles.


Transformation Rules

The transformation rules that are used to change the definition of the structure of data to be imported or exported.


Data Lineage

An integrated Data Lineage and Data Propagation functions that enable the user to perform data lineage and to see how data can be propagated among programs, databases, and files.