Step 4.4 – Enabling CICS Alternate Screen Support

When displaying and printing report pages, the CICS Viewing and Printing system displays and prints as much data as the terminal supports when terminal types are defined in the TCT as shown in the table below. For all other Viewing and Printing screens, the default screen size is used; for example, menus and selection screens are displayed as 24 x 80 on all terminals.




Alternate Screen and
Alternate Page Sizes

Model 2

24 by 80

ALTSCreen=(24,80), ALTPage=(24,80)

Model 3

32 by 80

ALTSCreen=(32,80), ALTPage=(32,80)

Model 4

43 by 80

ALTSCreen=(43,80), ALTPage=(43,80)

Model 5

27 by 132

ALTSCreen=(27,132), ALTPage=(27,132)

The following transactions must be defined in the PCT with SCRNSIZE(ALTERNATE). All other Mobius-z/OS supplied transactions must use SCRNSIZE(DEFAULT). The distribution package provides correct PCT entries for these transactions.


Tran ID



Report viewing transaction.


Report printing transaction.


Used by Screen Manager to switch to alternate screen size.


Used by Screen Manager to switch to default screen size.

Keep in mind that if you use RDO to define the PCT entries, the PROFILE for the page processing transactions must use SCRNSIZE(ALTERNATE) while all others are defined with SCRNSIZE(DEFAULT).