This documentation provides instructions on how to install ASG-JOB/SCAN (herein called JOB/SCAN) and ASG-DOCU/TEXT (herein called DOCU/TEXT) in ISPF and batch environments. It describes the following functions:

  • One-time tasks, such as downloading the product files and setting up the ISPF environment.
  • Ongoing customizing tasks, such as modifying the product environment and allocating file storage.
To install DOCU/TEXT, you must first install JOB/SCAN and then set up and configure the DOCU/TEXT add-on components and environment.
Topic Description
Installing the Product Provides step-by-step instructions for installing JOB/SCAN and/or DOCU/TEXT.
Creating the JOB/SCAN Environment Provides detailed steps and conceptual information for setting up the JOB/SCAN environment at a site.
Setting Up Optional Interfaces and Exits Describes how to set up optional JCL standards and interfaces.
Final Installation Tasks Explains how to allocate a work file, special considerations, and initializing JOB/SCAN.
Running the Product in an APF-authorized Environment Provides guidelines for running in an APF-authorized environment.
Enabling DOCU/TEXT Provides information and instructions on how to enable and allocate the functions provided in the DOCU/TEXT add-on component, such as “where-used” cross-reference queries, reports, User Text, and library management and graphics interfaces.
Calling JOB/SCAN from a User Program Provides additional information on invoking JOB/SCAN from a user program.