User Information - JOB/SCAN

This documentation introduces the features and benefits of ASG-JOB/SCAN (herein called JOB/SCAN), explains how to initialize and execute the product, provides batch mode instructions, and describes JOB/SCAN’s reports. It also provides detailed instructions on using Edit macros, JCL Change, Reformatter, the Standards Facility, and interfaces to other products.

Topic Description
Introduction to JOB/SCAN Introduces the facilities of JOB/SCAN.
JCL Validation Describes the basic validation function.
Advanced Topics for JCL Validation Describes the advanced features of JOB/SCAN validation.
Reports Describes the reporting facilities.
JCL Change Describes the JCL changing facility.
JCL Reformatter Describes the JCL reformatting facility.
ROSCOE Interface Describes the use of JOB/SCAN in the ROSCOE RPF or ETSO environment.