Configuring Data Lineage and Propagation

The integrated Data Lineage and Data Propagation functions in becubic enable you to perform data lineage and see how data can be propagated among programs, databases, and files.

becubic provides predefined Data Lineage and Data Propagation processes to quickly perform a standard lineage or propagation (for more details on running data lineage and data propagation, see the topic Running Data Propagation and Data Lineage).

Data Propagation retrieves the entire propagation path and generates a report, whereas Data Lineage enables you to trace the data processing from or to a given point and displays the result in a graphical view (for examples, see the topic Performing Data Propagation and Data Lineage).

The Data Propagation Manager enables you to use all the available options to create or edit your custom data propagation/data lineage definitions (see the topic Using the Data Propagation Manager).

When a data propagation or data lineage process executes successfully, result sets containing the impacted objects are created and a dedicated PropagationResult object is generated.

From the PropagationResult object, you can perform these tasks:

  • Consulting the execution log.
  • Consulting the related result sets.
  • Generating reports/graphs.
  • Clearing the result.