Navigating the Repository with becubic Web

These topics explains how to retrieve information from the becubic repository by:

  • Using the Welcome Panel which can contain queries, links, program shortcuts, reports, object sets, data propagation, External Document objects and file objects (see Using a Welcome Panel).
  • Using the Type Browser to display objects by type (see Using the Type Browser).
  • Running queries (see Using Queries).
  • Queries are generally provided to you by the becubic administrator. There are also standard queries and administration queries, which are delivered with CAE providers. The Panel Navigation mode enables you to run queries simply by double-clicking the query name.
  • Consulting object properties (see Consulting Object Properties).
  • Double-clicking objects (see Double-clicking Certain Types of Objects).
  • Using shortcut menu commands (see Using Shortcut Menu Commands).
  • Using the Work Area, which is a temporary space to put any objects you frequently use in the current session (see Using the Work Area).
  • Using Dashboards to display decision making information. A dashboard opens when users with a specific role log in to the becubic repository (see Using a Dashboard).
  • Using a quick search to retrieve objects that meet the criteria you specify (see Using Quick Search).
If your becubic repository is connected to multiple CAE entry points, and objects of the same name and type exist in several of them, all object occurrences are displayed.

Starting from an object—whether in the Type Browser instances view, a query result view, or a Quick Search result— you can further navigate interactively by using the All References feature or the Dependency Graph. See Using All References and Dependency Graph for more information.